Secondary Distribution Solutions

Cold Shipping Solutions for Secondary Distribution

Cost effective green technologies optimizing temperature performance and ensuring product safety.
TESSOL’s solutions, unlike conventional solutions, are independent of the vehicle engine and therefore, even with high traffic and multiple drops, provide desired temperatures across the -25OC to +25OC range.

Engine independence also helps lower operating costs by upto 60% and reduce risk of product damage due to engine breakdown.


Tessol Eutectic vehicles are ideal for deliveries to be made within 12 to 14 hours with multiple drops. These vehicles are suitable for temperatures as low as -25C for ice cream to temperatures as high as +16C to +25C for chocolates.
100% Product safety
Rapid pull down of temperature after every drop ensures product safety and quality
Reduced cost of ownership
Up to 60% saving in fuel cost ensures sub 1 year payback
Real-time monitoring
TAMsys – Tessol’s proprietary tracking system monitors in real time and issues alerts for deviations
Fuel - free & eco - friendly
On average, with replacement of 1500 litres diesel/ vehicle, it is truly the “the green way to chill”

How it works?

A charger which is mounted on container contains a compressor. The compressor runs on electricity which charges the PCM (Phase Change Material- a type of chemical which cools the vehicle down) filled in heat exchanger plates. Once the compressor enables PCM to arrive at a desired temperature, the desired temperature gets maintained in the vehicle for prolonged period of time ( 10 to 12 hours, depending upon the number of drops).

Natural Cooling Units

  • Requires ZERO additional energy for maintaining temperature
  • Uniform temperature due to plates across the container
  • Ideal for frozen distribution applications

Blower Type Units

  • Maintains temperature in a controlled range with ±1OC tolerance
  • System can be used across a larger temperature range
  • Ideal for shipping Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Fish, Vaccines, Dairy or any type of cold products.

Chilled unit Performance

Frozen Unit Performance

Case Study

Vadilal Industries Ltd.

Vadilal is a leading Ice Cream manufacturer in India. During the last mile delivery of ice cream from their dealer point to stores, they faced a challenge: the existing solutions were not able to maintain a temperature of -18C to -20C during last mile resulting in the ice cream losing  its consistency and consequent complaints from the dealers. Vadilal over a period of two years tested conventional units, changed SOPs and also tried FOW solutions. However, the challenge persisted. Tessol collaborated with Vadilal to develop a new range of UC (Ultra Cool) vehicles which can maintain a temperature between -20C to -25C. These UC vehicles were specially designed for Ice Cream and after extensive trials, Vadilal made it mandatory for their C&Fs and distributors to use Ultra Cool vehicles for last mile delivery.

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