Last Mile Deliveries

TESSOL’ last mile logistics solution are meant for last mile transport of fresh and frozen products at the required temperatures till the consumer ensuring the entire cold chain for the product is maintained . The solutions are optimized for easy operations while ensuring the right temperature for the product.

Key features of the products

TESSOL’ last mile logistics solution provides the right temperatures for deliveries upto 24 hours for logistics that involves delivireies from locations without cold chain infrastruction to bike deliveries that last a couple of hours. With temperatures available from -18˚C to upto +8˚C and box volumes ranging from 10L to upto 500L, TESSOL offers the widest range of optimized solutions customized to suit the customer needs.

The systems include passive cooling cartridges with TESSOL’s cartridge freezer meant to blast freeze cartridges in a span of just 5 hours and using the different cartridges to cool your products with trouble free operations.

Cartridge blast freezer for freezing cartridges centrally

Key comparison of PLUGnCHILL with other alternatives

The eutectic cartridges have a significant advantage over any conventional glycol or gel based solutions providing constant freezing and melting temperatures over its entire life cycle of ~2000 cycles. Our food grade cartridges are sturdy to ensure no leakage/spillage even with rough usage while being light enough to ensure least required additional weight.

Boxes for last mile solutions