Cold Storage

TESSOL’ Modular Cold Storage rooms are based on the concept of Thermal Energy Storage. The cold rooms contain the Eutectic Plates, which when energized can maintain the desired temperature inside the cold room, 24 x 7, after every charging cycle.

Key features of the products

TESSOL’ cold storage provides uninterrupted cooling even in locations that face frequent power outages and in locations with just 6-8 hours of power supply a day – an usual phenomenon in many villages in India and other developing countries.

Our cold storage rooms come with a provision for Solar PV integration which completely eliminates the operating cost of the system. Most importantly, it helps in taking the refrigeration technology to remote villages where there is no provision for an electricity grid.

Model of TESSOL’ Cold Storage room with Solar PV integration

Key comparison of PLUGnCHILL with other alternatives

Our Eutectic Plate acts as a Energy backup source and hence completely eliminates the need for Diesel Generators and expensive battery backup. Our system is differentiated since:

      1. Use of Phase Change Material ensures a high energy density
      2. High efficiency systems with temperature control capability
      3. Available in ranges from -18˚C to +10˚C
      4. Scalable solution from 1 ton to 20 tons storage

Inside view of 20 feet cold storage for Horticulture application