Cold Chain Logistics

PLUGnCHILL Transport refrigeration units are available from 5 feet to 24 feet containers in temperature ranges of -25°C to +20°C. Two variants are explained below:

NAT & NOVA Series:

OPEN PLATE units with cooling through Natural convection

ZERO energy for keeping the container in required temperature range

Uniform cooling across the container

Ideal for high reliability and waiting times

Novafreeze 850 Unit For Last Mile Frozen Product Distribution

BLO Series:

Blower fan based units with forced circulation

Ability to maintain temperature in ±2 degree range

Highly efficient with long use periods (upto 40 hours)

Excellent temperature pull down after door opening

BLOFREEZE 850 Unit for last mile distribution of dairy products

Key comparison of PLUGnCHILL with other alternatives


High amount of stored energy enables excellent temperature pull down

No dependence on engine power and speed

Excellent temperature pull down after door opening


With no active energy requirement, the goods are safe even during accident or engine breakdown

No driver interference with the product cooling

Goods are always 100% safe

Sample for multiple delivery chilled products application is given in the graph


Upto 60% lower operating cost with less than 1 year payback

Enabling 50% reduction in total cost of ownership

Controls enable optimized energy usage


With no moving parts during transport, the unit has much lower maintenance needs

Maintenance can be done by local technicians

A sample calculation of operating costs for a 8.5 feet (pickup type)
frozen products unit

Smart Tracking Features

TESSOLs tracking and monitoring features monitors various functions of the system.

Geo positioning and monitoring

Temperature of the room

Remote conditioning monitoring of the units

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