TESSOL is making rapid inroads in the GCC market starting with the UAE. With its partner based in Dubai well poised to advance the go green initiatives of the UAE government, the eutectic thermal energy solutions holds the promise of supporting the drive in reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.

The GCC countries are the new emerging markets for our patented technology solutions in the domain of cold chain logistics, cold rooms and customized needs. Given the planned and phased growth and expansion of the cities in the Gulf region we see great potential to be harnessed in cold chain whilst supporting the vision of the esteemed leadership in these countries for sustainable development.

Our premier product PLUGnCHILL TM offers a wide range of solutions in refrigerated transportation. These mobile chiller and freezer units are designed and engineered for the most torrid and harshest of the climatic conditions. We provide durable and fit for purpose solutions in line with the varied demands of your perishable merchandise, your customers and your business objectives.

Our Exclusive and Registered Sales & Service Partner

P.O. Box 120056, Dubai, UAE,
+9714 2 63 43 63 / 33 822 33
Website: www.bafte-tessol.com
Email: info@bafte.com


Warehouse 9-B, Al Qusais Industrial Area 4
Damascus Street, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Our Partner Team

Anwar Barayil, CEO

Hamza Sayed, Director

ShahNawaz Khan, Director