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Case Study

Vadilal Industries Ltd.

Vadilal is a leading Ice Cream manufacturer in India. During the last mile delivery of ice cream from their dealer point to stores, they have observed a challenge: the existing solutions were not able to maintain a temperature of minus 18 to minus 20 during last mile resulting in the ice cream losing some of its solidity and consequent complaints from the dealers. Vadilal over a period of two years tested conventional units, changed SOPs and also tried FOW solutions. However, the challenge  persisted. Tessol collaborated with Vadilal to develop a new range of UC (Ultra Cool) vehicles which can maintain a temperature between minus 20 to minus 25. These UC vehicles were specially designed for Ice Cream and after extensive trials, Vadilal made it mandatory for their C&Fs and distributors to use Ultra Cool vehicles for last mile delivery.

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