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Cold Chain Packaging for Home Delivery

Delivering products as they should be - Maintaining Safety and Quality for the last mile delivery.
Home delivery and last mile solutions involves delivery of retail cold chain products ( milk, vaccines, Ice Cream, frozen food) at homes or establishments. These micro deliveries, ranging from one Kg to 50 Kg have their own unique challenges in terms of speed of delivery, temperature maintenance. Using PCM technology, TESSOL has developed cartridge freezers which can freeze cartridges across different temperature ranges. These cartridges when put in insulated boxes can hold temperatures for 10 to 12 hours, thereby ensuring home deliveries

How do our Refrigeration Systems work?

Fill and freeze Cartridges in designated freezers
Load cartridges in the box and put your product in
You are ready to go

Three critical elements of the solution

Case Study

A global E-tailer

A global E-tailer has recently started hypermarket deliveries. The company was facing challenges in making the last mile deliveries of temperature sensitive food products like milk, chocolates, butter and cheese. They wanted a solution where they could make micro deliveries for temperature sensitive products in a 100% temperature compliant environment. Tessol collaborated with them to develop cartridge based freezers, where PCM cartridges could be cooled centrally in their DCs, in Tessol developed freezers. Once an order arrives, they use these cartridges along with food product in Tessol developed insulated boxes to make the deliveries happen with the right temperature.

Esteemed Clients


We are using TESSOL blast freezers for the last 2 seasons. We are using them to freeze PCM cartridges which are used in insulated boxes to transport chilled and frozen goods to our stores.
We have found Tessol quality to be excellent and are planning to implement such solutions to all our DCs in the country.


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