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Why make the switch from Dry Ice to PCM

Why make the switch from Dry Ice to PCM? If you have a business which relies on cold chain logistics, you have probably come across the dilemma of using dry ice. Being the latest trend for vaccine transportation because of its ability to provide freezing temperatures such as -60 degrees celsius, most logistic companies would […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Storage Logistics

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Storage Logistics  Temperature maintenance in the cold chain logistics industry  is no easy feat and requires strict procedures and regulations. A single slip can lead to immense damage of consignment and this is especially damaging for temperature sensitive perishables and pharmaceuticals. It’s important to set and rigorously follow standard […]

Cold chain pharmaceutical distribution

Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Distribution The pharmaceutical logistics market albeit a newcomer in cold chain logistics is a growing industry valued at $73bn as of this year. Of course, with the pandemic having given rise to an increase in demand for medication to PPE kits to vaccines, the industry in itself is definitely booming and  requires […]

Kool-ex partners with TESSOL

Kool-ex will also offer end-to-end Pharma packaging solutions with Thermal Energy Service Solutions (TESSOL) and will be “fully geared to handle end-to-end supply chain of Covid-19 vaccine,” it said. The pharma logistics company is entering warehousing, secondary distribution, passive packaging and blockchain to become an end-to-end pharma supply chain player. To know more click here  […]

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